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Dicky & Joanna are working on the next book in the series, The Fantastic Adventures of Tom Mouse! Launch in summer 2024. We will keep you updated here ...
Tom's next adventure book is called, "Reach For The Stars Tom Mouse!"











August 2021 ... soft back book 2 goes to print


February 2021 ... all illustrations for book 2 completed, hooray! ... ready for design and layout 
October 2020 ... Christmas card, and the cover illustration ready for
"Tom Mouse And The North Pole Mystery!"

August 2020 ... a new adventure to prepare for!

July 2020 ... Get ready for the next fantastic Tom Mouse book! ...  

Feb 2020 ... meet Leonardo, a fantastic, highly inventive character in Book 2.










Nov 2018 ... book 1 is launched ...





Meet some of the wonderful friends of Tom Mouse, characters in Book 1







2017 ... Tom Mouse's study and globe of the world ... in design for book 1




Pre 2017 … describing Tom Mouse? … character profile! … 
  • Tom is 7 years old – which is quite grown up for a mouse!
  • Tom is a very handsome mouse, he dresses well and makes sure he is properly ready whatever the occasion
  • Tom wears smart and functional clothes, with very bright colours
  • Tom loves the outdoors, adventure and exploring and learning and trying out new things
  • Tom loves listening to stories and learning from his grandfather in particular
  • Tom makes friends easily, he is always very polite and meets numerous other characters on his travels and adventures who quickly become his friends
  • Tom enjoys himself going on adventures, meeting new friends, experiencing new places – and then reflecting back on his friendships and what he has learned
  • Tom lives in an “ordinary house” – he spends much of his time in his study / room, planning adventures – he has a large globe of the world which he studies and spins, deciding where his next adventure will be ...
  • Tom lives on his own, but has neighbours and friends nearby, his grandfather is a frequent visitor and is his biggest inspiration, encouraging Tom in his adventures ...
  • Tom is continuously growing in confidence as he successfully takes on and manages more and more adventures with the help of his grandfather and his friends
  • Tom is polite and considerate and also has a great sense of humour and fun
  • Tom sees himself as an ordinary mouse taking on extraordinary adventures. Although he doesn’t think of it this way, he is a great inspiration to other young mice ...
  • Tom is invariably positive, happy with a can-do / have a go attitude ... he also gets and welcomes help and support from family and friends ... and in turn Tom is also very supportive of others ...
  • Tom normally spends his day, when he is not on an adventure somewhere around the world, looking at his photographs of family and friends from previous adventures, and studying his globe of the world as he chooses what and where his next adventure will be ... (Tom is acutely aware of the potential international book market)
  • Tom would love to spend all his days on adventures, learning about new places, meeting new friends, but he also gets great enjoyment from recalling past adventures and planning new ones
  • Tom doesn’t have any on-going problems or worries, although there are big challenges for him to overcome on each of his adventures
  • Tom is generally more inquisitive than scared, trying to explore and learn about and understand, although some situations Tom gets into on his adventures he does find scary, but he is always able to deal with them with the help and support of family and friends
  • Tom wants to be continually exploring and learning, he wants and enjoys the support and love of his friends and family. 
  • Tom wants to be, and arguably already is, a great explorer mouse, but not for any self-gain.
  • He is a bit embarrassed that he is such a great inspiration and role model to young mice all round the world.
  • Tom’s favourite food is cheese and biscuits. He always ensures he has a ready supply and will frequently celebrate even small achievements with cheese and biscuits, commonly sharing with his friends ...
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